Sunday, March 22, 2009

Putra Dani Nashrin

Dear friends/fans,

After a long and painful 17-hour journey, my first child, Putra Dani Nashrin bin Mohammad Najmie was born on 21st March 2009, 11.37 PM, at Delivery Room 3A, SJMC, and weighing in at a healthy 3.45 kg. Dato' Dr. Siti performed the normal delivery, although 1/2 hour before, there was a big chance of us going through caesarian procedure. Alhamdulillah, my husband's wish of having his son born naturally on the 21st (his birthday is 21st September) at 11.45 pm came through (missed by 7 minutes, but the coincidence is too uncanny to dismiss).

As you may have noticed, this entry was posted by my husband, who had diligently stood by my side as I went through the labour pains. He was there till the end, even cutting the umbilical cord.

Enjoy these early photos...I will update you guys more when I'm feeling better.

Putra Dani Nashrin, 15 minutes old

Mommy in Pain, 30 minutes before


Bitt said...

congrate...semoga cepat sembuh! cute la bb u...

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Ida Athanazir said...

ayo, the I-dont-want-to-be-there moment.... :/