Saturday, March 14, 2009

Looking for a gift?

yes. Are you looking for a gift? for a newborn baby? or maybe for a baby shower occasion?
Someone asked me to make a hamper/a gift box as a gift for a newborn baby. And..

Let see what I have here. :)

Sample A. Contains a Disney Teether, a Disney Wristband and a Lady Bug Bib. (items depends on the purchaser's budget)

Sample B- A Disney Teether, a Disney Wrist Band and a Penguin Squeaking Bib.

This is the result!
Cute isnt? Think so lah. :)Price for this sample is RM 50.

So what do you think? Nways, u can choose what items that you want depending on how much money that you r willing to spend. :) Btw, different boxes will be used. I will use whatever boxes that i have in my stocks. If you prefer to use a certain box, let me know. We can discuss on it.

And pls take note that no delivery can be done for this item. Self-collect only.