Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brand New Quinny Zapp!

Check this out! (PRE-ORDER)
We are offering you a BRAND NEW QUINNY ZAPP AT RM 999 each!!! Market price is RM 1199, which means that ours is cheaper by RM100! Email me now!




For this item, no shipping can be done because it's expensive due to its weight. You may need to take it at my place in Subang Jaya. Sorry for any inconveniences. But if you insist it to be shipped, you have to bear with the shipping costing. Thank You.


amira said...

quinny zap nie mmg cun tp takde bakul..tu je yg slack..my sister pakai nie dulu tp dah patah..i mmg berkenan yg nie drpd dulu..maxi cosi carrier tu mmg bleh fix kat quinny zapp nie kan?

Rinie said...

yesss... maxi cosi carrier yg ni boleh attach to quinny zapp ni. :) n maxi cosi carbiofix ni boleh attached to maxi cosi mura stroller, or bugaboo bee stroller*yg mcm i punye.hehe*

Baidura said...

Hi Rinie, Do u have Quinny Buzz3 with Maxi Cosi Cambrio. Would be situable with my newborn baby. I love Zipp but the seat cannot be reclined and only for outward seating position. I would buy Zipp when my baby is about 3 years old. She can feed using her milk bottle while sitting up right. Thanks