Sunday, June 28, 2009

New items

Hey mommies n lovelies.

i will upload new items just in a few days ya.. :) my son is having a fever due to his immunisation. so i dun really have the time to snap photos of the items n upload it here.

nways, for Sarakids Open Day, it went well. i sold half of the items. If u want to see photos on the event, visit my personal blog *The Tale of Rinanda*. but, i havent upload anything yet! hehe.. am waiting for the photos from my friends.

thanks to all the customers during the Sarakids Open Day. :) n thanks to Farah from Sarakids for organising this event n gave me an opportunity to open up a Tootsie Bitsie booth! *first time ok!*

nways, just stay tuned for the next update ya.. SOON!!

with that, thanks for visiting Tootsie Bitsie


Monday, June 22, 2009

Sarakids Open Day!

Hi mommies n lovelies!!

I'm going to open up a booth this weekend!!details as below:


dun hesitate to go there!come & join us!! there'll be lotsa cute leggings, lamaze toys and many more! :)