Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mommies n Babesies

Tomorrow*friday* i wont be online for the whole day because am going to hospital for my 39th week check up.

If u need to ask me anything, u can reach me at 014-2383343. :) but only sms will be entertained. sorry!

n another announcement that im gonna tell you is that, my expected due date is just around the corner. So i dun thing so i can update with new stocks for a couple of weeks. but if u do have any enquiries on the stocks that Tootsie Bitsie have right now, pls feel free to drop by an email or even sms me. My lovely husband will help me to handle your orders or anything that u need. :)

New stocks will be coming in after my confinement provided that the current stocks are all sold. so please please help me to finish my current stocks. :) promote this site to your friends too. :)

and with that, wish me luck! i still have 1 more week to go but anything can happen within that week right?


p/s parcel sent out today- ellie, mamaAriana and irda.
p/s parcel gonna be send out next week-elyn n ummu wafi.

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