Friday, March 6, 2009

I Love Papa, I Love Mama

hi Mama n Mama-to-be! :)

I've received a few emails n enquiries on this item. UNFORTUNATELY the stocks are limited. Frankly speaking i haven't received the items yet and InsyaAllah I shud receive it by tomorrow. But lucky me, a few sets are sold to those mama out there!

Now, ONLY 2 sets of I Love Mama n I Love Papa left so u better be quick! I'm terribly sorry. I can take pre-orders on this item but not now because my supplier told me that this item is out of stock. TOO BAD. :( In the future I will order it again, but before I do, I will announce it here to make sure that everyone who wants it will definitely gets it.

Price for this item : RM 30 (1 set: pants n hat)


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